Welcome to Harris Creek Central.

My Beginning:


 I was born on a farm in Manitoba.  In my early years, my family moved several times, ending up on a 417 acre farm in Lumby, British Columbia.

When only 13 yrs of age, I took our little buckskin horse, and went skidding logs for one of the sawmills back in the mountains behind our farm.  I took my schooling by correspondence, and as long as my marks were acceptable to my Mother, I was allowed to continue working.

I continued working in the sawmills until I was 19 years of age, when I was accepted into the RCMPolice.  I took my training in Regina and Ottawa, and was posted to the Prince Albert detachment when training was completed.

My RCMP Career was short lived.  My resignation took effect November 20th and I was married on December 7th of the same year.  I continued in police work in one form or another until 1964, when my wife and I opened our own business a photography studio.

We spent 13 yrs in Lloydminster, on the Saskatchewan/ Alberta border. In 1973 we had the opportunity to move to Kelowna, British Columbia and carried on with the photography until our retirement in 2004.

It was during this time in Kelowna, that I became involved in the hobby of Model Railroading.  So with this click on the Introduction Tab and I will let you see what we have done in the Model Railroading.