Welcome to Harris Creek Central.

Welcome to My Model Railroad.!


As a teenager I purchased my very first Model Railroad Steam Engine, complete with the usual three or four pieces of rolling stock and a caboose.

Roll the clock ahead to about  1990, one of my daughter's was travelling with me on a trip from Edmonton, to our home in the Okanagan Valley.  Nearing home we stopped at a farm yard sale, and low and behold we found Two Boxes of HO Scale Model Railroad items which we purchased.  This was the beginning of any serious venture in Model Railroading.

I first constructed a layout in my double garage. This was a valuable lesson in all aspects of building a layout.

About this time my basement area became available, and I decided it would be foolish to continue this layout in the garage, when I had a nice warm basement which was now available.

An Overview of my layout.

 My layout is built in the form of a dog-bone in the shape of a letter "C".  In this photo you are just entering the opening of the "C"  in the bottom right corner of the photo.    As you turn to your right you are looking into the South West corner.

This is the end of the loop on the West end.  There are the two main lines  which can be used as a reverse loop at the bottom and centre of the photo.  The Top is the future home of the Harris Creek Sawmill. This area is under construction.                                                                                                                                    

This is showing the end of the loop on the East End. This is an overall view of the farm which I called home until I left home to join the RCMP.  The little blue house is a near exact replica of our original house on the farm.


The two barns as seen in this photo were scratch built, as I remembered them from my days on the farm. The building on the left housed our 18 to 20  cows, and as many as three horses.  The hay for feed was stored in the loft above.  The building on the right was used totally for hay storage.



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