My Model Railroad My Model Railroad My Original Home. The Original Family House on Harris Creek Road. 14588826 Layout Farm House Replica of my original home on Harris Creek Road. 14588825 BC Rail Showing BC Rail, CNR, and CPR all in one setting. 15019606 Basic Mine scene 15020109 Showing Start of Mine Scene 15020100 Applying Hydrocal Covering 15020121 More covering 15020122 North East Corner The North East Corner of the layout showing the "N" Scale Mining setting. 15019795 The Harris Creek Coal Mine. 15020123 South West Corner 15062140 West Arm 15062181 Log Barns on farm 15062167 Farm Barns 15062170 Overall Farm Yard 15062168 Slaughter House Note pork carcass hanging at back door. 15062169 Picture showing original framework. 15068129